The main raw materials for the production and use of LIJIANG Electronic are imported from abroad. All the electroplating materials and electroplating products of the Company have passed the RoHS inspection. The production process is taken RoHS control according to the requirements of the customers in order to ensure the product quality and the environmental protection reliability.

  The main electroplating range: gold plating, palladium plating, nickel plating, tin plating and other materials with the continuous plating as well as local plating for strip, at the same time, main products of spare part plating are: electronic connectors, plate pre-plating, etc.



  The electroplating workshop currently has 2 continuous electroplating machines and 4 lines. According to the design of the workshop, it can be expanded to 4 machines and 8 lines. It has one small barrel plating line and one rack plating line. It is able to expand two large barrel plating lines and one automatic rack plating line. The Company focuses on the surface treatment, the product base material can be plated are: stainless steel, iron, phosphor bronze, brass, red copper, kovar alloy, aluminum and aluminium alloy, molybdenum-copper and other products.

Electroplating type:


Electroplating specifications are available: palladium, tin, nickel, gold (hard gold and soft gold), local plating is also available.

Electroplating workshop capacity:

① Barrel plating and rack plating, gold plating product: 10k/h, nickel plating product: 10k/h   

② Continuous plating: nickel plating/ tin plating 15 m/min, low thickness gold plating (15 m/min), high thickness gold plating (10 m/min)