LIJIANG Electronic has a cable assembly production assembly line, covers an area of about 400 m2. The production line is equipped with professional technology, process, quality and operation teams, as well as advanced production, inspection and testing equipment both from home and abroad.

The Company has the capabilities of design, production, inspection and testing for RF cable assembly. The production process in strict accordance with GJB 1215A and other related domestic and international standards, paying great attention in every aspect of the production process. In the production of a standard coaxial cable assembly, we use statistical process control programs to control the machining process and perform critical inspections of the critical dimensions.


II. Cable assembly overview

l Cable assembly naming rules introduction:

Product model:

① ②: connector name at both ends of the assembly; ③: cable model; ④: assembly length;

l Example of cable assembly naming:

It refers to cable assembly with one end of SMA male straight connector and one end of SMA male angle connector, 1200mm in length; according to the different cables, to use specific models of connectors.

l Length measurement methods of cable assembly:

1) for connector with two straight type ends, the length refers to the distance between the end faces of the two connector , as shown in Figure 1;

2) for connector with two angle type ends, the length refers to center lines of the two connectors, as shown in Figure 2;

3) for one end of the straight and the other end of the angle, the length refers to the distance between straight connector end face and center line of angle connector, as shown in Figure 3;

4) for assembly with only one end mating connector, the length is the distance between the straight connector end face or the angle connector center line and the end of the cable, as shown in Figure 4;


III. Installation and use guide for cable assembly

The following guidelines should be followed for the best performance of cable assemblies:

1. Cable assemblies should be retained in their original delivery and storage packages during shipping and storage. Storage temperature range is -50 ° C~ +80 ° C, relative humidity should not exceed 85%.

2. Carefully open the product package and get it out before installation

3. Make sure the environment is clean and free of dust because the dust and other particulates may enter the unopened connector interface.

4. When the cable assembly is not in use, dust caps should be used to protect the connector and prevent the connector from being contaminated.

5. If the interface is contaminated, particulate pollution can be removed by oil-free compressed air and the eyes must be protected during the blow-down process. The interface can be cleaned with a dry cotton swab. Do not use hard tools or chemical solvents.

6. The bending radius of the cable assembly should be as large as possible during installation and wiring. Too small bending radius may affect its electrical performance. If the bending radius is less than the minimum bending radius of the cable, the cable assembly may be permanently damaged or even scrapped.

7. Do not reverse the RF coaxial cable assembly, for twisting will change the relative diameter of the cable layer and affect its electrical performance. If the cable assembly changes phase by more than 10 °/m after installation, the cable assembly may be permanently damaged.

8. There should be no exert extra pressure on the cable assembly as far as possible where the cable assembly is installed, try not to use the strapping tape. When the strapping tape is necessary, it should be as wide as possible, and it should not be tied too tight to easily twitch the cable. Fixing clips should not be used to fix the cable assembly directly.

9. Check the cable assembly for damage before use and check whether the interface is contaminated.

10. Anti-static protection measures should be done before use.

11.When using the cable assembly of the screw connection, please confirm whether the connector is matched before use. Avoid matching errors, such as: connection of 2.92mm and 2.4mm will lead to damage to the connector.

12. When using the cable assembly of the screw connection, use a torque wrench for installation.