The Company’s glass sealing process covers matching seal, compression seal and other types, the optional shell (baseboard) materials are kovar alloy (4J29,4J28, etc.), stainless steel, low carbon steel and other varieties; the materials for lead, pin and jack matching with shell (baseboard) are kovar alloy 4J29,4J50, copper core kovar wire and others. The Company’s main products include RF glass sealed connector, micro-rectangular glass sealed connectors, glass insulator for microwave, glass sealed components for sensor, metal-glass package housing, glass cover for lithium battery, etc. Now the Company's production capacity is able to meet the annual output of 5 million sets of various glass sealing products for military and civilian use, its products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronic equipment, telecommunication, new energy sources, weapons and other military and civilian areas.



  Suitable for interconnection of various electromagnetic circuit systems with high density, miniaturization, light weight, high reliability, requiring electromagnetic shielding and filtering, to meet the light weight and miniaturization needs of systems. Glass sintering connector socket due to the use of glass sintering process, with air tightness requirements, in the process of use, moving or placing in, please strengthen the control, be careful and prevent any form of collision and extrusion; due to the exposure in the air, the contact elements may be contaminated by dust and other debris, and thus the product should be checked before use to remove foreign objects that may affect the performance; the connectors are to be used only under the conditions and conditions specified for the product.