LIJIANG Electronic signed the cooperation agreement with Southwest University of Science and Technology

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  On June 27, the Company and Southwest University of Science and Technology in the 723 conference room of school office building, held signing ceremony for formal signing of cooperation agreements on joint university-enterprise scientific research, innovative and practical personnel training, service research and teaching, social services. Lu Xiaoxiong, chairman of the board, Lu Zhongyuan, vice president of the school attended the signing ceremony.


  First of all, Chairman Lu Xiaoxiong thanked the university for its warm reception. Then he introduced the history and development of Zhongjiang LIJIANG Electronic Co., ltd. He hoped that through university-enterprise cooperation in new materials and advanced manufacturing and others to carry out the joint research of the integration of civil and military technologies, connector, electroplating and other technological processes, as well as cooperation in the exchange of scientific and technological personnel, and other cooperation to enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises and accelerate the transformation of science and technology in the university to achieve industry-university cooperation, university-enterprise win-win situation.

  On behalf of Southwest University of Science and Technology, Lu Zhongyuan welcomed the delegation of LIJIANG Electronic Lu Xiaoxiong and his entourage to the school for exchange and cooperation and congratulated the signing of the agreement on university-enterprise cooperation. He introduced the development of the school in recent years and scientific research advantage resources, emphatically introduced industry-university-research joint school-running characteristics and as well as research results and advantages of the the military and civilian integration. Lu Zhongyuan said that the school has always attached importance to exchanges and cooperation with enterprises and makes full use of the technology and human resources and advanced of colleges and universities as well as advanced and mature technological achievements, makes use of the production conditions of enterprises to enhance the scientific research ability of teaching so as to transform scientific research achievements into productive forces. The school has close ties and all-round cooperation with Zhongjiang County. He hopes to further enhance exchanges and cooperation with enterprises in Zhongjiang County under the framework of all-round cooperation in school and local government, and to further promote the landing and development of projects of materials, machinery and manufacturing in school-government and school-enterprise, to further promote the coordinated development of the university and Zhongjiang County, through joint R & D and personnel exchange and other forms of all-round cooperation, to achieve complementary advantages of the school-government and school-enterprise, make contributions to the innovation and development of school-enterprise and the implementation of the national military and civilian integration strategy.


  On the ceremony, Lu Zhongyuan and Lu Xiaoxiong signed the Agreement on University-Enterprise University-Industry Cooperation respectively on behalf of the university and enterprise. According to the agreement, both parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in enterprise development planning, R&D of science and technology, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, joint personnel training and exchange.

  Subsequently, the two parties held discussions and exchanges on issues of common concern such as carrying out project cooperation and pragmatically promoting the implementation of the agreement on school-enterprise cooperation and reached the intent of cooperation in the project.

  During his visit to school, Lu Xiaoxiong and his entourage also visited the manufacturing process testing technology - Provincial Co-founded Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education and Key Laboratory of Non-metallic Composite and Functional Materials of Sichuan Province - Provincial Co-founded National Key Laboratory Breeding Base.